Texas Boarding Schools

Texas Boarding Schools Shine in the Lone Star State

The great state of Texas has a rich and colorful history as well as a dynamic and influential present. Texas has always been a crossroad between North and Central America, even before European settlement. Texas was a province of Spanish colonial Mexico when in 1835 American settlers in the region launched the Texas Revolution, creating the Republic of Texas. In 1845, the US annexed Texas as the 28th state, inciting the Mexican War in the process. Since then, the image of the independent Texas cowboy roaming free on the range has left an indelible mark on American folklore and popular culture. Today, Texas is larger than life as always, with 30 cities having more than 100,000 residents. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin are just a few Texas cities whose influence in culture, economics, technology, and trade carry Texan influence far beyond its vast borders.

In education, Texas is a leader as well. The Texas Education Agency administers one of the largest public school systems in America. In addition, Texas has a fine tradition of excellent private and home schooling traditions. Texas universities are among America’s largest and most important research institutions, including the University of Texas, in Austin, Texas; Rice University and the University of Houston in Houston, Texas; and Texas A & M University in College Station, Texas. Naturally, Texas schools are also among the best in America.

• The Village School in Houston, Texas, is a co-educational college preparator school with a strong international community. Offering a challenging and diverse curriculum for grades 9 through 12, including a summer session, the Village School is one of the top schools in Houston.

• The Hockaday School, a college preparatory school for girls founded in 1913, is one of the best schools in Dallas, Texas. Offering day school as early as pre-K and boarding school for grades 8 through 12, Hockaday School is consistently ranked among the best schools in America for its small class sizes, diverse curriculum, and high student test scores.

• TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas is a co-educational college prep military school in San Antonio, Texas. Founded in 1893, TMI’s long tradition of high academic standards and well-rounded spiritual maturity has made it one of the best schools in San Antonio.

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