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Boarding Schools in Kentucky Revel in the Traditions and Culture of the Bluegrass State

The Commonwealth of Kentucky was one of the first western frontiers in US history. Settled during the heady days immediately following the American Revolution by legendary figures like Daniel Boone, who helped cut a trail over the Cumberland Gap, Kentucky became the 15th state in 1792, and even today, many cities in Kentucky maintain charming historic districts. Kentucky’s early development benefitted from very fertile farmland and the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers that allowed Kentucky farmers to sell their goods to the world. Today, Kentucky’s largest city, Louisville, is still a major Ohio River port. Proud of its Southern traditions, Kentucky keeps a foot in the Midwest as well and today is the USA’s fourth-ranking car-producing state. And of course, when most people think of Kentucky, they think of the Kentucky Derby, the “fastest 2 minutes in sports,” held each May at historic Churchill Downs in Louisville. Kentucky’s economy is well on its way toward a promising 21st century.

Kentucky’s education system is crowned by two major research universities, the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky; and the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky. Another notable university in the Bluegrass State is Transylvania University, a leading liberal arts college that is the oldest university west of the Appalachian Mountains. In addition, boarding schools in Kentucky are among the best in America.

• Forest Hill Military Academy in Millersburg, Kentucky, is a co-educational college preparatory school for grades 6 through 12. Offering advanced college courses in a structured educational environment, Forest Hill guarantees every cadet will improve academically in the first year.

• Oneida Baptist Institute in Oneida, Kentucky, is a co-educational college prep Christian school for grades 6 through 12. Open to students and families of all faiths, including 20% from foreign countries, Onedia offers a structured learning environment that challenges students to grow socially and spiritually.

• Oakdale Christian Academy in Jackson, Kentucky, is consistently ranked as one of the most affordable boarding schools in America. Offering co-educational college preparatory instruction in a Christian school environment for grades 7 through 12, Oakdale strives to develop positive character traits and Christian values in all its students.

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