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Florida is one of America’s top vacation destinations, and thousands travel each year to the Sunshine State’s white sand beaches and warm hospitality. The home of the world-famous Disney World, Florida is also one of the most populous states in America. Besides inland Orlando, Florida’s 1,300 miles of coastline is crowned by three major cities: Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa-St. Petersburg. Because most of the state lies on a vast peninsula that points south, Florida is the USA’s gateway to the Caribbean and South America.

As the home of NASA, Florida is also America’s gateway to outer space. First settled by the Spanish long before the English established colonies farther north, Florida was a sleepy by water before air conditioning was invented within its borders in the early 20th century, an American invention that transformed the world. Since then, Florida has become one of America’s favorite retirement destinations. Boating, fishing, golfing, surfing, diving, dreaming—if you can do it on a beach or on the water, you can do it in Florida.

But beyond the countless leisure activities one can pursue in Florida, the Sunshine State offers unique educational opportunities reflected in the many excellent research universities to be found there, including Florida University, the University of Miami, and Florida International University. One can also find some of the best schools in America in Florida.

• St. Andrew’s School in Boca Raton, Florida, just outside of Miami, is a co-educational 9th through 12th grade school proud of its 22 Advanced Placement courses and International Baccalaureate Program. St. Andrew’s Academy offers college prep instruction at its newly constructed multi-million-dollar campus and is often listed among the best schools in Florida.

• Another among the best Florida schools is North Broward Preparatory School, which offers college prep residency programs for grades 6 through 12. Founded in 1957 in Coconut Creek, Florida, North Broward’s formal learning environment, community values, and excellent extracurricular activities have instilled a sense of pride and excellence in all its alumni, many of whom go on to attend Ivy League colleges.

• Saddlebrook Preparatory School is a small, independent, co-ed school for grades 7 through 12. Located in the Tampa suburb of Wesley Chapel, Florida, Saddlebrook is best known for its Arnold Palmer Golf Academy and Saddlebrook Tennis Program. These athletic programs combine challenging college prep academics with intense training in either golf or tennis.

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